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Shared Managed Apps

Way to go with cloud for startups / smaller firms

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Secured Business Apps exclusive for your firm

Cloud Servers

Performance Centric, Secured, Cost Effective, Scalable Online Servers

CYA can help build a super economy class Data Centre facility in your premises, a close alternative for real Data Centre collocation facility or typical in campus DC setup.

Many firms require to publish their local apps online, but the situation may demand
a) moving the apps to a cloud server may not be feasible
b) collocation or setting up a data center in-premises would be a very expensive proposition.

Building your own CYA Data Center (CDC) is the ANSWER!

Your CYA Data Center comprises of 5 sections:

  1. Economy Server: CDC Manual guides you to build an economy server from a desktop class hardware (if brand server is available well and good)
  2. Economy Rack: A customized rack that prevents dust accumulation in your server and exhausts heat – to provide a controlled environment for the server (even if A/Cs do not run 24/7)
  3. Multiple Broadband links are required to have redundancy and higher throughput by way of aggregation
  4. CYA Connector: Important piece of hardware provided by CYA that links to CYA cloud – Auto switching, link aggregation, alerts.
  5. CYA Cloud Server Instance: provides VPN framework and securely link your DC to the Internet.

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