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Managed Biz Apps are ready-to-use apps (mostly open source apps) hosted exclusively on a rightly configured cloud server. CYA team has researched over 1000s of apps and hand-picked the best in class apps and make it available as Managed Apps. Its an ongoing process and we keep searching in every category. We do the complete technical aspects to get the app running and also maintain them for you. This is ideal for customers who have zero/very minimal in-house IT team. Since we have a prior knowledge about the app and since we support these apps across our customers, we will be able to do a better job. Any day, you can download the data from the Managed App server and either take it to your local server or upgrade to a Cloud Server or anywhere you wish.

We do a Expert Review on each Managed Biz App that we hand-pick, to help customers take an informed decision. Many of these app’s website provide you with information about a demo login, so that you can get a feel of the app yourself before you go for it. Even if the apps do not offer demo, we give you a demo of the app hosted in our servers to ensure our customer know exactly what they are opting for.

Disclaimer: We choose apps on your behalf by doing research to best of our abilities. All the apps are third party products (unless specifically mentioned as owned by CYA) and we do not take the responsibility for the functionality or bugs of such apps. Managed Apps are "use as it is basis"

Interestingly, time to time, when major releases are done, we upgrade the app for you (after prior approval). CYA team does upgrade trials before we build the scripts to automate the upgrade process. Choice of upgrading your biz app is purely yours, however, we give sufficient timeline to our customer.

Managed Biz App are available in two variants: Dedicated and Shared Managed Apps

Dedicated Managed Apps

  • Based on your requirements and usage, we suggest a suitable Cloud Server configuration and setup the apps that you choose.
  • In Dedicated Managed Apps exclusive resources allocated for your apps (exclusive for your firm).
  • You can scale or downsize the Cloud Server configuration depending on the usage.
  • Dedicated Managed Apps are best for customer who have high usage volumes and require very good performance.
  • Its also possible to add more apps to a dedicated Managed App server, just by adding more resources. (Please note, customer owned apps can not be deployed on a managed app server - this is just to ensure quality of service as two teams cannot manage the same server).

Shared Managed Apps

  • Small firms who cannot afford Cloud Servers, but still wish to make a beginning in taking their business to Cloud - Shared Managed Apps is the answer.
  • Shared Managed Apps are basically ready to use Business Apps shared on a cloud server in a secured way.
  • Our authorized partners depending on their customer base, choose Dedicated Managed App Server and offer Shared Managed Apps to the customers.
  • Shared Managed Apps are front ended by our partners to be able to give more personalized support.
  • Even though the apps are shared on a Cloud Server, we ensure high security and isolation of apps by allocating completely fresh root folders and separate database for each app assigned for our customers.
  • Its interesting to note, Shared Managed Apps are completely automated (deploying, upgrading, deleting on expiry) and managed by our core application without manual intervention (this ensures there are no human errors).
  • Any time, you are confident in using the app, you can upgrade to dedicated Managed App - we offer this facility to ensure continuity for our customers, who wish to move from Shared to Dedicated Managed App.

Please note, it's not possible to migrate from dedicated Managed App to Shared Managed App.

All Shared Managed Apps front end support and billing will be handled by our authorized Gold or Platinum Partners. (For Shared Managed Apps CYA team will give the infrastructure and back end support).

Disclaimer: It’s quite possible, a CYA customer can purchase a Cloud server from CYA and offer Managed App services to its clients. Our customers have to ensure whether Managed App services referred here are opted from our Authorized Partners to ensure the quality (as mentioned above).

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