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It’s not an easy task to setup up a full-fledged in-premises backup server to keep a copy of your critical data safe, especially for smaller and medium size companies. More than the backup storage, its act of doing the backup of data in desktop or laptop which is most important challenge. VaultInCloud is the answer - an interesting service of CloudYourApp whose focus is to offer a true online backup solution.

VaultInCloud Pricing

US Server Silver Plan Gold Plan Platinum Plan
Original Offer 25 CVP / month (Payable Half yearly) 50 CVP / month (Payable Quarterly) 75 CVP / month (Payable Quarterly)
Limited Discounted Offer 25 CVP / month (Payable Quarterly) 40 CVP / month (Payable Monthly) 60 CVP / month (Payable Monthly)
  2 GB Storage
5 GB Data Transfer
10 GB Storage
20 GB Data Transfer
25 GB Storage
60 GB Data Transfer

Important Pricing Notes

  • The above prices are applicable for US server, if you opt for Netherlands Server, the pricing will be 25% (1.25x) more, 100% (2x) for Singapore Servers and 200% (3x) for Indian Servers.

How VaultInCloud Works

  1. Subscribe for VIC by choosing an appropriate plan.
  2. CloudYourApp creates an online backup account.
  3. Download & Install the backup client (which is preconfigured with credentials and ready to use).
  4. Configure your account with various available settings and you are ready to do your first online full backup.

VaultInCloud Appliance

VaultInCloud Appliance version is a hardware with VaultInCloud preload and ready to use. You customize your appliance and we build, test and deliver it for you. You can use it as VaultInCloud in-premises deployment. It’s a zero configuration deployment, just plug & play.

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