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Purchase Bonus

When you purchase CVP, for higher value purchases we give bonus points (immaterial of your payment mode).

CVP Purchase in a single transaction Bonus CVP
1500 CVP & above 220 CVP
1000 CVP & above 140 CVP
500 CVP & above 50 CVP
250 CVP & above 20 CVP
100 CVP & above 5 CVP
Less than 100 CVP NIL
Terms and Conditions:
  • All Purchase Bonus applies to only paid up points and not for bonus points.
  • CYA Team has to the sole discretion to approve the claim bonus.
  • All bonus points will be credited as CVP and never paid as money or in any other form.

Signup Bonus

We truly want our customers to try things out before actually making the first investment for our services. All new customers are eligible for 100 CVP Signup bonus.
This Sign up Bonus can be increased to 300 CVP or 500 CVP on request and based on eligibility.

Signup bonus is applicable if you meet the following conditions:
  • Signup bonus is applicable only for companies (not for Individuals). Signup Bonus can be utilized for any CloudYourApp services.
  • Signup bonus is strictly once per company (branch offices are not counted as individual company).
  • You have to be a new customer registered uniquely with us (registration with duplicate Email ID is not acceptable).
  • You have to fill up a Signup Bonus Questionnaire to avail this bonus (subject to approval from CYA team).
  • Signup Bonus is available only for 30 days from the date of bonus activation. You need to consume the bonus points within that period.
  • Within 60 days, you have an option to have the balance bonus points (unused bonus points) credited to your account (without any validity) by initiating a payment equivalent to the balance bonus points.
  • Signup Bonus is not applicable for accounts who have already claimed any other bonus scheme (for e.g. Refer a friend).
  • CYA team has the sole discretion to approve the bonus claims.

Ambassador Bonus

We want each of our customers to be happy and every happy customer can become our Ambassadors and earn bonus points by helping us grow.

How to help us? Bonus CVP
Get us a genuine lead (only company leads)
(Contact Person, Phone Number, Email ID)
Limited to 100 per month per account
Get us an appointment (only company leads)
(Contact Person, Phone Number, Email ID, Appointment Schedule)
Limited to 5 per month per account
20 CVP
A lead or appointment turns out to be a confirmed order. 25% of the first paid up points purchased by referred account
Terms and Conditions:
  • Each lead or appointment has to be genuine and unique.
  • An already approved lead cannot be converted into an appointment.
  • Each lead or appointment will be approved by CYA team after evaluation before the bonus points credited in your account.
  • A lead or appointment should not happen to be already our customer or a potential customer with whom we are already in dialog.
  • If any payment is initiated within 30 days, the Startup Bonus becomes credited to your account without any usage validity.
  • CYA team has the sole discretion to approve the bonus claims.
  • All bonus points will be credited as CVP and never paid as money in any form.

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