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SecureMails is another unique service from CloudYourApp which is a passionately created enterprise class email service for our customers. Email for every employee is a basic pre-requisite for any firm today, which means there are wide range of requirements that firms demand. An individual can easily create an enterprise class free mailbox with gmail (Google) or outlook (Microsoft). When it comes to domain based email for a firm, almost every firm faces multiple challenges. Even though the market is crowded with Email solutions, getting an affordable enterprise class mailbox for a SME firm is still a dream or atleast a marathon task.

CloudYourApp proudly presents Email system that is
Truly Enterprise Class  Exceptionally Secured  Quite Flexible  Highly Configurable  Fully Managed  Well Packaged  Extremely Affordable

Well thought of packages to match the wide range of requirements that each firm would demand

  SecureMails Lite SecureMails Pro
  Gold Diamond Platinum Gold Diamond Platinum
Domain based Mails Y Y Y Y Y Y
Consolidated Storage 1 GB 5 GB 10 GB 125 GB 250 GB 500 GB
Consolidated Data Transfer (per month) 5 GB 30 GB 75 GB 50 GB 100 GB 150 GB
Number of Domains 1 1 1 UL** UL** UL**
Minimum Mailbox Size (Per Mailbox) 300 MB 1 GB
Number of Domains Y Y Y Y Y Y
Max. No. of Mailboxes* 3 16 32 125 250 500
Setup Cost per domain Free 50 CVP
Exclusive Instance N N N Y Y Y
Memory N/A N/A N/A 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB
Computing N/A N/A N/A 0.5 Ghz 1.0 Ghz 1.5 Ghz
Cost Per Month 15 CVP 50 CVP 75 CVP 270 CVP 480 CVP 900 CVP
First 3 months Discounted Cost per month 10 CVP 40 CVP 60 CVP 250 CVP 450 CVP 800 CVP
Payment Cycle Quarterly Bi-monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly
Cost per Mailbox (Based on Max. No. of Mailboxes) 3.3 CVP 2.5 CVP 1.8 CVP 2 CVP 1.8 CVP 1.6 CVP
Migration Cost 2 times of the per month package cost

* Maximum number of mailboxes is calculated based on total storage and minimum permitted Mailbox Size, in real-time scenario, depending on volume and usage of email, number of mailboxes needs to be optimized.

** UL refers to unlimited domains, there is no specific restriction. Each addition of domain will attract separate Setup Fee of 50 CVP.

We bring you a comprehensive comparison, and you can clearly see SecureMails stands out

  Majority of Domain based Email Solutions in the market SecureMails
(Enterprise Class Email system)
Affordability Vs Features Either the solution is very expensive or just not matching the requirements or in many cases both. Affordable, yet Enterprise Class
(starts from Rs.20 per mailbox)
90% of the affordable solutions are not Enterprise class (unfortunately) Either an average web mail interface or features like ActiveSync not available or poor response in mail delivery or average security. Uncompromised security, enterprise class features, high performance both on network and computing, above all best affordability
Flexibility – Consolidated mail Storage / data transfer for a domain Very uncommon
(Almost not available or difficult to get in the market)
Consolidated mail storage and data transfer per domain, granular settings per domain and per user
Exclusivity – Email is so sensitive for a firm, given a choice, firms would prefer exclusive server Generally not offered by email providers. Even Available, very expensive and requires high-end technical expertise to manage SecureMails Pro – is all about fully managed exclusive mail service (separate completely isolated server instance per domain)
Email solutions are so crowded in market difficult to make a choice After hours of Research, firms settle with an average service or non-domain free mailbox. SMEs cannot afford expensive solutions. SecureMails will be clear undoubted winner
(Our target is to satisfy 80% of firms if not more)

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