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Choose Data Centers that suits best

On behalf of our customers, we have invested several hours of efforts and our years of experience to hand pick Data Centers across globe which delivers very high quality of service. We purchase dedicated servers and rigorously test them before we offer them to our customers. We pick data centers across globe to match best cost, best dedicated server (hardware), best bandwidth - overall we want to ensure best quality of services. Picking the right dedicated server and the data center are key to get you the world class Cloud Server.

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Real Benchmark of Cloud server resources


We first benchmark the data center and then benchmark the dedicated servers that we hand pick. We give you the real actual benchmark results in a convenient and understandable language. These benchmarks results are vital to build the most appropriate Cloud Server that best suits your application. The biggest disadvantage of a traditional VPS or cloud server is you never know the real capacity of the resources. This is why, same VPS specification offered by 2 providers can drastically vary in performance depending on the underlying host server or the cloud framework. Cloud Server crafted by CYA are special not only they are best in class, but also gives you the most predictable performance.

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Personalized to your country / continent


CYA offers personalized Cloud Server that works great for your country or continent. Depending on the end users who would be accessing your application, we help you with lots of information and also provide expert advice to make the best choice of Cloud Server. Currently, we offer personalized Cloud Server for Asia (in particular India), Europe (in particular Netherlands), U.S. and Canada.

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Any OS (you decide)


We are very clear - CYA gives you a Cloud Server (virtual hardware server), what you run in the chosen resources is up to you. While we have many OS ready to deploy, it's purely your choice which OS you want to run. You can even run a Windows 7 or Windows 10 desktop, if you want. May be you wanted to run SAP in Linux, go for it. We offer few selected free OS Linux distribution ready to use and also few licensed OS, but that does not limit what you want to run on your Cloud server (the license requirement of the OS that you install is your responsibility).

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Customize your Cloud Server


CYA let you tailor build your Cloud Server by choosing specification in the fine granular way. Conventionally, many providers offer few standard packages and customer have to choose any of them. In CYA, we have every configuration element required for a server in various specification, you mix and match them to get your customized Cloud Server. CYA team validates each and every Cloud Server that our customers opt for. We share our experience and expertise to guide our customer in making the best choice of Cloud Server.

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Any time downgrade or upgrade your Cloud Server CYA EXCLUSIVE


Even though you pay for a minimum of one month per Cloud Server, you can any time downgrade or upgrade the resources of your Cloud Server and adjust your credit and monthly billing. You can begin with low configuration and keep upgrading them as you need the resources. For the sake of fair usage, any upgrade or downgrade requires at least 15-day window. Some upgrades or downgrades may require adjustments in your OS if they are already live or may even require fresh installation.

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Private Cloud Server (Secure your server on Cloud) CYA EXCLUSIVE


One of the unique features of CYA is the ability to keep your Cloud Server completely private. We offer a virtual (shared or dedicated) firewall server that can keep your VPS very secured (not exposing your server to Internet). We give you multiple ways by which you can access your server very securely. It's possible to keep multiple Cloud Servers in your own private virtual network behind the virtual firewall server. You decide the level of security that you need for your Cloud Server, we guide you technically what's best for your application and usage scenario.

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Security, Security, Security


You may know by now, CYA gives utmost priority to security. CYA is the only provider that offers private Cloud Server (over Private VPN) out of the box. You have to connect to the VPN framework (either shared or dedicated) to get access to your Cloud Server. You can keep group of Cloud Server behind your dedicated VPN framework (private only for your firm). You open specific ports to Virtual Firewall Server to let public access for specific apps that needs access from anywhere.

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Group & lock your Cloud Servers CYA EXCLUSIVE


With CYA you can group all your Cloud Servers into a virtual LAN pool behind a single virtual firewall. In many cases, some of your cloud servers never required to be on the Internet. For instance, a MySQL database instance serving a web server can completely stay private. This not only enhances your security design, data exchange between your private Cloud Servers (in a single VLAN) are extremely fast and they are not metered as Internet bandwidth (free of cost).

Consolidated Internet Bandwidth CYA EXCLUSIVE


In the event of purchasing multiple Cloud Servers and grouping them behind a single Virtual Firewall Server (which will be the scenario most of the times), you can opt for single consolidated Internet bandwidth only for your firewall server since all the Internet traffic required for the Cloud Servers will be routed only through the firewall. This means all your Cloud Server can be purchased without any internet bandwidth, and share the Internet bandwidth purchased along with your Virtual Firewall Server.

Very High Performance Storage


We offer SATA 1X to SAS 4x to SSD 4X storage speeds. Imagine your windows server loading in 2-3 seconds, that's the speed we are referring to. We give you the flexibility to balance or trade off between redundancy and disk performance. For example, OS can be installed on high performance storage variant, by trading off redundancy and adopt a monthly backup strategy for disaster recovery.

Multiple Virtual drives per Cloud Server CYA EXCLUSIVE


In CYA, each Cloud Server can have 3 storage virtual drives and each virtual drive can be chosen from 5-10 storage variants. Traditional VPS comes with only one virtual drive. In a given server, for OS drive disk I/O performance is the priority, for database storage redundancy and performance has to be balanced. Depending on your application requirements, you can configure a maximum of 3 storage drives on available storage variants and hence make it more tailor made storage for the application that you plan to host. We help you to make the right choice of storage size and storage variant.

Unique Support Model


We offer world class personalized support for our customers, to ensure your cloud apps run well which are crucial for your business. Apart from basic Cloud Server support, we try and help you in any which way possible using our wide range of expertise and experience (for an additional nominal cost). You can raise a support ticket even for issues not pertaining to the functionality of the Cloud Server (out of band support). We explore if we can resolve it then we agree to a out-of-band-support category and you pay only if we resolve the issue (automatically deducted from your credit balance).

Backup (Give your data top-notch safety)


CYA offers very innovative multiple backup strategies combining various backup features - period (daily, weekly or monthly), Online snapshot or offline virtual drive, File system level backup, Database specific backups.

KVM Support


KVM facility for VPS is NOT very common, CYA does offer this feature. Interestingly (for security reasons), you can switch off KVM feature once your Cloud Server is stabilized and enable them anytime on a need basis.

Managed Business Apps CYA SPECIAL

CYA offers ready to use business apps all deployed in a Cloud Server in the most secured way possible. We have carefully analyzed and handpicked various apps that can make a big difference to your business. Once the Cloud Server is deployed, in minutes you can start using the apps and get going. CYA also offers shared Managed Apps front-ended by authorized partners.

CloudYourApp Connector CYA SPECIAL

Many a times, customers will have to run the applications only on LAN - may be due to either security or resource constraints or cost or a need to localize an app in HO or location(s). In such a given scenario, if customer requires access to such app from HO or from across locations, then CYA connector is the best choice. CYA connector keeps your apps in your LAN, only takes the traffic to the cloud. CYA connector can connect up to16 locations. The best part of CYA connector is all your locations can use simple broad band connections (no need for leased lines)


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